Spring Promise Garden Hybrids

Thanks to a significant breakthrough in production techniques the Spring Promise® Garden Hybrids will uniformly flower at the end of the first growing season. Retailers can sell the Spring Promise® helleborus in flower. Growers will be able to order and grow by name, by color, by flower form and can expect true-to-type varieties. Color sells!

For years gardeners have enjoyed the colors and flower forms of Helleborus x hybridus. They are the most widely helleborus utilized in North America. The range of colors is tremendous in this class of helleborus. The colors range from red to yellow, from green to burgundy - some have spotted flowers and some have double, frilly flowers. In most cases consumers have purchased their plants without flowers because most Helleborus x hybridus have been produced from seed. These gardeners have gardened with blind faith.

Get your juices flowing as you envision the exciting new varieties displayed on the next pages in your garden showing their faces to you as the winter season ends! Finally, a helleborus you can sell in flower!

Growth vigor: medium

Flowering season: early spring

Spring Promise Bridget
Spring Promise Charlotte
Spring Promise Frilly Isabelle
Spring Promise Frilly Kitty
Spring Promise Mary Lou
Spring Promise Rachel
Spring Promise Rebecca
Spring Promise Regina
Spring Promise Roxanne
Spring Promise Sally
Spring Promise Sandra
Spring Promise Sue
Spring Promise Tiffany
Spring Promise Valerie